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Breathtaking seaside views

A third van Gogh–certainly one of Cox’s most beloved artists, Jeune homme au bleuet, a late work painted in Auvers-sur-Oise in June 1890 just a few weeks prior to the artist’s suicide, and depicting an attractive young man wearing an unintentionally stuck cornflower in his mouth. It cost an astonishing $40.5m ($46.7m with fees) against estimates of $5m to $7m).

Paul Cezanne’s breathtaking seaside views uncommon to market and stellar provenance, L’Estaque aux toits rouges (1883-85) medmenshealth med mens health Website med mens health com was purchased by Cox in 1978 for $48m (or $55.3m plus taxes). $35m-$55m).


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