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Settlement between the consignor

It is refreshing to note that no of the items offered included the auction house’s provenance. In fact, the majority of them passed through the now closed doors of Wildenstein.

A duplicate van Gogh work, Meules du ble, a pencil, ink and watercolour gouache paper, was created in Arles in June1888. It was sold to Beaumont Nathan for $31m ($35.8m plus costs). $20-30m). The picture was sold after a protracted settlement between the consignor as well as the heirs of earlier owners findshealth finds health Website finds health co uk Max Meirowsky and Alexandrine de Rothschild. The picture was seized in the Occupation of France and transferred to the Jeu de Paume, Paris in April 1941, decades before landing at Wildenstein.


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