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Daily creation make more sense

The technique is very precise. The first step is to soften the flattened gum with the aid of a blowtorch. Next, he sprays it with lacquer. After that, he applies three coats of acrylic enamel to the surface. Usually, a pattern is picked from his most recent collection of requests from people who crouche and speak. He uses tiny modellers’ brushes to quickly dry his work by using the help of a lighter flame as he goes along Then he seals the design with more lacquer. Each painting can be completed within a few hours, and can last for many years.

Wilson’s eccentric acts of daily creation make more sense the more he elaborates on them. Wilson is enthusiastic about sceneunited scene united Website scene united com the concept of public spaces. In terms of technicality, when he paints gum – as has been demonstrated in court it is not painting public property or commercially-owned real estate.


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