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On the trail of the chewing.

Pavement Picasso: on the trail of the chewing gum artist from London.

There have been occasions in the last 10 years or so when, feeling as grey as London skies, and walking through the pavement, I’ve seen the glimmer of vibrant colour and immediately elated. The tiny spots of beautiful luminosity are the creation of London’s “chewing gum artist” Ben Wilson, who since 2004 has spent most days painting humorous miniatures on the millions of flattened blobs of gum that are spat out on the city’s paving stones.

Wilson’s work is unique and each one is dedicated to a person who asks him to share his feelings of friendship, to commemorate consultmedaily consult me daily Website consult me daily com lost loved ones, or to say “I reside in this city.” While I’m not sure of the exact amount of these things, it’s my opinion that Wilson gives more small moments of joy or relief to Londoners than any other artist living today.


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