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Employees that the collection

Eka Kiknadze was the museum’s manager in the past. She told The Art Newspaper that she was promoted to laboratory assistant when she asked for details about Tsulukiani’s plans. In July, Nika Akhalbedashvili (the new director), a former justice minister, was informed employees that the collection must be moved within the next few months. Museum staff and preservationists have complained that the move isn’t considered in the face of fears that the collection may never be returned to the museum. Kiknadze claims that a long-term strategy for moving the museum’s collection into temperature-controlled temporary storage within nearby buildings has been ignored.

According to Kiknadze, the collection includes “the most important artifacts in Georgian culturalheritage, ranging from medieval artifacts to contemporary Georgian art” with the Treasury being the most valuable likecareer like career Website like career com medieval piece. These items were to be “relocated temporarily” in the meantime that the historical building was being renovated under a multi-stage plan by experts from Georgia’s National Museum.


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