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Captures a tiny rumble of stars

The pictures he paints are intended to form a tiny stepping stone mosaic of common land throughout the city. Gum, he claims is the ultimate product for consumers: it is not a food item in any way, and it doesn’t biodegrades, and attempting to eliminate it is expensive and laborious full-time job. “So there is some symbolism in turning something you’ve just thrown out into something meaningful.”

Wilson is keen on promoting the idea of local intimacy and in celebrating the communities. He is currently cleaning up and revising a picture that captures a tiny rumble of stars above Brighton Pier. “I always felt bad about this one,” he says. “It was on my to-do list to accomplish but headusnext head us next Website head us next com the man who requested it sadly died before I’d finished it. I met his son at the nearby cafe, and I asked him if I would do the picture in his memory. He was fascinated by the murmurs so I was able. The picture is also a favorite of his.”


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