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PS800k awarded to two top-ranked institutions

of art as part of an effort to combat racial inequalities

Two major art institutions have been awarded the sum of $800,000 to combat racial discrimination with regard to visual arts. The award allows 120 artists to collaborate with nearly 30 galleries and museums across the country.

The Freelands Foundation has announced “unprecedented” long-term financial support, which is part of a multimillion-pound commitment to projects led by Wysing Arts Centre and the UAL Decolonising Arts Institute that will concentrate on promoting and empowering black and Asian artists.

Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridgeshire will receive PS500,000 as part of the duration of a 10-year program for artist dailyhealthstudy daily health study Website daily health study com development known as the Syllabus. Each year, 10 artists from different backgrounds and with a lack of representation will be part of an ambitious program executed across a nation-wide group of eight arts organizations.


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