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PS800k given to two top-ranked institutions of art

PS800,000. Two of the most prestigious art institutions across the nation have been given this award to address racial discrimination in the visual arts. This will allow 120 artists to collaborate with more than 30 museums and galleries across the nation.

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The Freelands Foundation announced unprecedented long-term funding as part of a multimillion-pound pledge to Wysing Arts Centre (UAL Decolonising Arts Institute) initiatives that seek to empower and support artists of color and Asian artists.

The Syllabus is a 10 year artist-development program, dubbed the Syllabus is being supported by PS500,000 for Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridgeshire. A comprehensive program will be offered to ten artists every year, from underrepresented and diverse backgrounds through an eight-strong network across the nation.

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The partnership will provide 10 years of assistance for artists of ethnic minorities, as well as artists with low incomes who have no access to formal education in art.

The program will offer mentoring as well as artistic development and peer networking under the supervision of artistic advisors as well as an experienced curator.

The PS300,000.00 will go to UAL Decolonising Arts Institute towards its 20/20 program, which runs for three years. This will enable 20 black artists as well as Asian artists to take residence at the most prestigious art institutions throughout the UK to build new collections that are permanent. The permanent collections will “reshape the landscape of Britain for collecting as well as commissioning and exhibiting”.

The 20 partners are Hepworth Wakefield, Box, Middlesbrough, MIMA in Middlesbrough, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum at Glasgow, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, National Disability Arts Collection and Archive, Sheffield Museums Trust, and Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

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After a thorough examination of all the proposals, Wysing Art Centre was awarded and UAL Decolonising Art Institute was named. Sonita Alleyne serves as the chair of the panel, and she is the first black woman to be a master at an Oxbridge college. It also features Hardeep Panhal as well as John Akomfrah, the artists; Sade Banks (founder of Sour Lemons charity); and Melanie Keen (director of the Wellcome Collection).

Alleyne said she was of the opinion that she was a member of the Diversity Action Group is committed to creating the conditions that allow artists of color and black to flourish in the UK by removing obstacles and establishing pathways into the industry to change the experiences of artists and their audiences.

“These new grants mark a significant step in our ongoing dedication to address racial inequality in the visual arts.”

Rosie Cooper, Wysing Arts Centre director, said: “The vision and ambition of the Freelands Foundation in supporting Syllabus over the past ten years is truly amazing and an inspiration. This gives stability and expansion to a program that has been a huge help to the field. We are extremely thankful to the foundation for deciding to help artists in this way particularly during this challenging period.

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Director of UAL Decolonising Art Institute Director, Dr Susan Pui San Lok said that “We are extremely thankful for the assistance of Freelands Foundation in making UAL Decolonising Art Institute’s ’20/20′ project feasible. After an incredible 18-month time frame, “20/20” is the result of a series of urgent demands for actions in the art world that go beyond gestures and words.

The funding follows the announcement of a ground-breaking research commission that will examine the reasons why students of minorities are excluded from the art curriculum. The Runnymede Trust will conduct the research, along with the Freelands Foundation


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